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It's that time of the year when people tend to be more helpful, cheerful and giving. Children dream of receving the latest and greatest toys. Life is wonderful.

Well, once that short-lived Norman Rockwellesque dream is over, the truth for many needy families in south Florida sets in. The impact of the economic crisis we find ourselves in paints a bleak picture for more people but life goes on.

Big_mama Those of faith are more motivated, inspired and blessed by follks in the community who are unselfish in sharirng their blessings with those less fortunate.

One community hero who consistently steps out on faith to help the needy in the community is Big Mama Essie Reed of Fort Lauderdale. She and her team have been blessed to receive food, money and otherneeded items to help the coommunity holidays and toprovide money for scholarships for the many children she has cared for.

Big Mama's outpouring of love has spread from Broward County to the southernmost areas of Miami-Dade County like Florida City. Big Mama was able to get thousands of toys this year although donations have been very slim for other organizations.

If you've wached any local news show, it's likely you've sen Big Mama in action. She is living breathing proof n the Power of One person to make a difference. Big Mama loves what she's doing and those that give and receive love her too. Thank you for all you do, Big Mama.

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I just saw you on the news channel 7
Wow how kind ! great work !

Hard times here ....for many people in south Florida !

I keep you in my prayers !

God Bless ! Thinking of you ! great work !

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