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Top Five Reasons to Vote for Carlos Gimenez for Miami-Dade County Mayor

We're down to the wire in the Miami-Dade County mayoral race. Not surprisingly, we're down to Julio Robaina and Carlos Gimenez. Some polls show Gimenez with a commanding lead but Robaina is a master politician and has amassed a tremendous campaign war chest so the position is truly up for grabs. After a tremendous disappointment because of the drama surrounding the coveted endorsement of Luther Campbell, and the incessant robocalls and negative campaign ads, here are my reasons for supporting Carlos Gimenez.

5. Carlos Gimenez is not under investigation by the IRS. As much as Julio Robaina would like to distance himself from the allegations surrounding his involvement in shadow banking, loansharking or a Ponzi scheme, this issue has a tremendous stickiness factor and that's not good for Robaina. He says he is a victim, let's see how that plays out.

4. Carlos Gimenez was not endorsed by Jeb Bush. Like it or not, the Bush name is still not received favorably by most blacks, Democrats and folks in public education, especially in Florida. From the Kendrick Meek-Tony Hill sit-in to so-called education reform, that endorsement will not curry favor among many voters.

3. Carlos Gimenez did not vote for Rick Scott for Governor of Florida. Carlos Gimenez said he voted for Alex Sink for Governor of Florida. Julio Robaina said he voted for Rick Scott. Both men are Republican. What does that mean? Well, for starters, Gimenez is not a go along to get along kind of person. Independence and courage are great qualities in our next mayor. Why does a statewide race matter? All politics is local and don't ever forget that.

2. Former State Rep. Ralph Arza is not a key Carlos Gimenez campaign adviser. Why is that important? Well, Arza resigned from office after repeatedly referring to then Miami-Dade County Schools Superintendent Rudy Crew, who is black, as a nigger. He also threatened a colleague. The situation was very ugly. Nevertheless, when Robaina was pressed about Arza, Robaina's response basically was that a friend made a mistake and he apologized. Blacks are always expected to accept someone's apology with no further recourse. Repeat a Bible verse. Wait a few weeks and the blacks will forget. Not this time.

1. The Robaina campaign and their friends have consistently lied about the record of Carlos Gimenez. They have also attempted to tie him to recalled Mayor Carlos Alvarez. A good friend of mine frequently says, "Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but not to their own facts." Carlos Gimenez opposed many of Mayor Carlos Alvarez's initiatives such as the Marlins stadium and property tax increase. The real question voters should be asking is why the majority of the Board of County Commissioners voted otherwise but that's another story.

There are more reasons to vote for Gimenez that have been documented elsewhere. Barring any more election drama, we should know who the new mayor is on Tuesday night. Many voters are intentionally sitting this one out because they don't particularly like either candidate. What a shame. In a few weeks the new mayor has to present a budget that plugs an anticipated $400 million budget hole and deal with other important issues. If you sit this one out you have no right to complain. Campaigning starts again for the mayor's race in 2012. Whoopee!

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Andrea Robinson

The columnist is so right. Carlos Gimenez is the best candidate of these two. I hope the black community ignores the preachers and the Miami Times and votes for the man who is not under investigation and who is not trying to buy the election. The other person in the race said he was against the Marlins Stadium, when he clearly went to county hall with a letter of support. Now his minions are trying to say Gimenez supported Rick Scott, when it's there guy who did it. The lies, lies, lies, lies are incredible. Something is rotten when people get desperate and spread multiple lies.

People, take heed, and vote for Carlos Gimenez!!!!!!


We can and must think for ourselves. I have not read or heard anything substantive that would make me choose Robaina over Gimenez. Thank you for your comment.

pissed off

why is it that black people can have everything they want, BET, black radio, black clubs, black everything.
but as soon as somebody starts one little thing for white people everyone starts calling it racist.

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