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There is an interesting and ominous article in today's Sunshine State News on how Gov. Rick Scott is biding his time with Florida A&M University. The Governor has learned his lesson from the last uproar from FAMU students and alumni when he called for the removal of FAMU President James Ammons so he's bascially in chill mode and waiting to make his move.

Make no mistake, Gov. Scott and the powers that be are playing chess while FAMUans are playing checkers. It's no secret that there is an investigation into the financial records regarding the Marching 100. Consequently, the University's records and processes will fall under the scope of that investigation whose results have yet to be disclosed.

Gov. Scott can make sweeping changes on the FAMU Board of Trustees and influence trustee appointments made by the Board of Governors. However, he will likely not make any moves that will get blacks fired up and voting in the upcoming Presidential election.

Expect FAMU to be trashed in the media over the next few months. Make no mistake that some of the wounds will be self-inflicted. While there are disagreements about when and if the Marching 100 returns, connect the dots and be mindful of the big picture.




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