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Federal Judge Dismisses Case to allow Non Democrats to vote in Democratic Primary

by Christopher Norwood


Miami-Dade County’s primary election for state attorney will remain open only to Democrats, a federal judge ruled Wednesday — meaning the selection of the county’s top law enforcement officer will likely be decided by 525,890 voters. Twenty year incumbent Katherine Fernández Rundle is squaring off against Democrat Rod Vereen.

U.S. Judge William Zloch issued his ruling in a lawsuit filed by Republicans (Campaign Supporters of Kathy Rundle) who said they were being disenfranchised by the presence of two write-in candidates in the general election. The lawsuit, filed against Miami-Dade County and the secretary of state by voters Vincent Mazzilli and Armando Lacasa, asked a judge to open the August primary or move the race to the November general election ballot. But Zloch said because the write in candidates qualified as “candidates” under state law, they should be counted as opposition.

“The court will not consult a crystal ball to determine when and whether a given write-in candidate constitutes ‘real’ or mere illusory opposition,” Zloch wrote, adding that “they could” win even if was generally unlikely. “The court today will not declare that these candidacies are futile,” Zloch wrote.

“I had every bit of confidence that Judge Zloch would dismiss this frivolous lawsuit,” Vereen said Wednesday in a statement. “This charade has been a travesty for Democratic voters in Dade County. Kathy Rundle supported this lawsuit to deny Democrats the right to vote in a Democrat-only primary.”

This Democratic primary was her chance to share her vision with her party as to why she should be the Democratic nominee, but she has none so instead she has become a “Rogue” Democrat by filing this frivolous lawsuit and publicly campaigning (via her campaign website) to recruit Republicans to switch parties and instructing them, (and I quote) "This will not obligate you to vote for any other Democratic candidate in any future general election" (statement implicitly advocates for her supporters not to vote the Democratic ticket, from Barack Obama down to State House Seats).

If Kathy Rundle reacts like this when challenged within the Democratic Party, then imagine what is occurring at the Courthouse everyday where Real challenges of Life, Freedom and Family are in the balance. Martin Luther King once said, "The ultimate measure of a person is not where they stand in moments of comfort and convenience, but where they stand at times of challenge and controversy."

“There is a lack of Leadership in the State Attorney's Office, and we need a Professional Prosecutor as I will be and not a Politician”. Vereen states. On August 14th, Democrats will decide. 



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