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[MUST READ] Miami Gardens called NY 'Stop and Frisk' on steroids

It had been quiet in Miami Gardens as far as public complaints against Miami Gardens Police but that is likely about to change. Investigative reporting on Fusion portrays an environment of terror for many residents of the City of Miami Gardens. As much media coverage as New York City received for its racist stop and frisk policy, Miami Gardens is referred to as New York City on steroids.


Leaders of the City of Miami Gardens must address the allegations of falsified police reports and orders from police brass to stop black males between the ages of 15-30. How does one explain stopping a five year-old and a 99 year-old because they looked suspicious? How does one explain a police report indicating a person was stopped and questioned on the street when that person was in fact incarcerated at the time? Really, Miami Gardens PD? Really?

There can be no more feel good town hall meetings and activities to squash this issue. If the Department of Justice doesn't hurry and swoop down on the City of Miami Gardens and deal with this situation, that will be another travesty against folks who have essentially lived and/or grown up in terror. A team of psychologists needs to be assigned to the people of Miami Gardens to help them overcome the damage done to their psyche. One must already have surrendered to a mental state of fear and/or helplessness and hopelessness to allow this situation to exist in the first place in these United States of America. 

Please read the entire article: Welcome to Suspect City.


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