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Despite FCAT Gains, Schools Show Losses

School grades were released yesterday. With the inclusion of Science in this year's grading computation, the number of "F" schools in Miami-Dade grew from 5 to 26. Miami Edison Senior was just 8 points away from a "C".  What a relief for those students, their parents, the school administration, faculty and community.

Extremely disheartening is the repeat "F" for Miami Central Senior High School. What that means for the school and community is left to be seen. It's time to do something new at Miami Central; changing the administrative structure and bringing in a proven seasoned principal may be a start.

Certainly district and school administrators will begin colloborating on corrective action plans for Miami-Dade Schools. As the test data is analyzed, parents and students must put it in its proper place with in their lives.

Teachers must teach the students, not the test. Assessment options must be offered that do not psychologically damage students for the rest of their lives.

While the school grades show a mixed bag as far as results are concerned, there is tremendous work to be done throughout the county and the state.

For more information, click on the links below:

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