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The Poinciana Park Bio-pharmaceutical Debacle: Looking past the Meeks, Dorrin Rolle, Dennis Stackhouse and The Miami Herald

Carrie_meek_2 It’s taken awhile for me to post to this blog because of technical difficulties. It’s also been a little uncomfortable to post about people I know personally endure uncomfortable circumstances.  That being said, here goes.

With all of the hoopla about the Miami Herald’s investigative series on the Poinciana bio-pharmaceutical park debacle, it was really difficult to watch Former Congresswoman Carrie P. Meek on This Week in South Florida with Michael Putney. Her anger was apparent as for the first time ever she has been criticized publicly and forced to defend her actions. She attempted to salvage her reputation and that of her son, Congressman Kendrick Meek, also.

As to be expected, the Congresswoman had a few choice words for The Miami Herald. She indicated that The Herald made the article more about her and her son than developer Dennis Stackhouse. Based on comments to articles about this situation, it may not be as easy for the Meeks to distance themselves for this issue. If the Herald lied in its reporting, at least one of the people targeted should seek legal recovery for damages to their reputation --- Yes, sue!

On the other hand, if there charges to be filed, the citizens of Miami-Dade County fully expect State Attorney Kathy Fernandez-Rundle to have some folks hauled It will likely be the folks considered collateral damage but some effort made nonetheless.

On the surface, this issue appears to be about corrupt politicians. Look past the surface at the tipping point of change in or eradication of Black political power in the largest county in Florida. This Poinciana issue, on the heels of the Herald’s “House of Lies” investigative series and other local scandals, several folks have some ‘splaining to do.

Most important is the clear message of accountability that must reverberate within each voter now and in the next election. The political dynamics must change. While politicians and government officials are pointing fingers at each other about this latest issue, they must also be reminded that they work for us --- the citizens. We must become more involved in government at all levels. We have allowed our votes to be taken for granted and our community to be neglected and we have largely been silent. It’s simple ---If we keep doing what we’re doing, we’ll keep getting what we got.

It’s time for a change and it starts with each of us.


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