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Connecting and Uplifting: A World of Heroes from AfricaWrites

We received the following e-mail from Patrick Gorham of…

On behalf of the staff of AfricaWrites: Heroes, Rituals & Legends, I invite you to experience our fall update to Our newly featured stories are, "The Wassan Shanci - Contest of

Champions", "The Gnbache of King Me" and "Masks & Men Part 1: Soli Oumen and Koma".

These stories represent a window into the epic history and splendor of African culture and we, the staff of AfricaWrites hope that you will both enjoy and find interest in the pages of this update.

After checking the site and a few of the videos, I was impressed with the raw presentation of African culture that many of us have never experienced. As the message referenced a few other videos, I definitely look forward to seeing many more.

Check out the site and let us know what you think.


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