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Too often we hear bad news about the interactions of people in Miami so anyone with a heart was moved upon hearing the story of 14-month old Johnsley Mainville's fight for life and another child with health challenges, 10-year old Devin Alvarez who offered to help.

Johnsley and his family traveled from Haiti for medical assistance. It seems that Johnsley's illness, unaddressed in Haiti as it would have been in the United States, has reached the stage where the child is projected to have only 6 months to live.

Young Devin was in the same predicament as Johnsley a few years ago but successful surgeries saved his life. Devin still undergoes regular surgery but when you learn of how far he has come, his journey is more than miraculous.

Johnsley needs $60,000 for medical treatment. Click here for a link to his page over at the International Kids Fund site. You can get more information on Johnsley and other children and more important, you can make a donation. Whatever amount you can spare would help this child. Many small amounts can make a big difference. Actually, Johnsley should need about $59,993 since Devin donated $7 of his allowance.

If this seems like a hard sell, it's not. Just remember, there but for the grace of God go you and me. While I don't have Bill Gates or Oprah money, I can forgo a couple of expensive lunches to help this child.

If you decide to donate, let us know here. Thanks and Be Blessed.

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You can make an online donation to this child. Click here to donate. If you wish to donate by check or money order, you can mail your donation to:
International Kids Fund
P.O. Box 2020
Miami, FL 33101

Please specify on your check or money order you would like to allocate your funds to Johnsley Mainville and make your checks or money orders payable to International Kids Fund.


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