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Allow Sean Taylor to Rest in Peace

Much has happened in the community lately and I apologize for not posting to the blog more frequently. The death of Washington Redskins player Sean Taylor has taken an emotional toll on me so I had to just chill.

I am not a UM fan or a Redskins fan. I don't know Sean Taylor or anyone in his family. Unfortunately, I know the pain his mother feels. It is not a pain to be wished upon anyone.

I have not kept up with the details of the death of Sean Taylor but I have heard rumors and speculation as to why he died. His somewhat troubled past was brought up in the initial reports of the shooting. Derogatory comments have been posted on the internet. It is all such an ugly but accurate picture of the society in which we live.

Let Sean Taylor's soul rest in peace. Leave the investigation of the homicide to the police. Pray for his family and loved ones, especially his daughter and his mother. Most important, judge not lest ye be judged.

Prayerfully the truth surrounding the shooting will be disclosed soon and the shooter's conscious will move him to turn himself in to police.

Sean Taylor Loses Fight for Life

Professional football Sean Taylor has passed away. It appears that Taylor may have lost too much blood when an intruder broke into his Palmetto Bay home and shot Taylor in the groin.

There had been hope that he might have pulled through as he showed signs of reacting to responses to medical staff at Jackson Hospital's Ryder Trauma Center.

Taylor is the father of an 18-month old daughter. The police investigation will now escalate to homicide. Please pray for the Taylor family.


Sean Taylor Page on

Important Community Meeting with Mayor Alvarez and Commissioner Edmonson on MLK Transit Village

For Immediate Release:
November 20, 2007

Media Contact:
Marta Martinez-Aleman

Mayor Carlos Alvarez and Commissioner Audrey M. Edmonson to discuss status of MLK Transit Village at community meeting

(Miami-Dade County, FL) --
Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Alvarez and District 3 Commissioner Audrey M. Edmonson will meet with residents and business owners from communities surrounding the proposed MLK Transit Village to discuss the status of the embattled project.  The meeting will take place at the Joseph Caleb Center, 5400 N.W. 22 Avenue, on Tuesday, November 27 at 7 p.m.

The Transit Village Project, proposed for the southeast corner of N.W. 62 Street and N.W. 7 Avenue, is part of a comprehensive plan for the economic stimulation of the once-vibrant Liberty City.  It is expected to be a catalyst for the area’s revitalization but has seen some obstacles.  The meeting is being held to address community and business concerns about construction delays and administrative changes at the agencies overseeing the project.

“The County made a promise to residents and business owners in this area; and they in turn had been prepared to accommodate the necessary inconvenience of bringing the Transit Village to this community because they recognized that it would be good for Liberty City,” said Commissioner Edmonson.  “We owe it to them to attend to their unease, be open about the status of the project and assure them that we remain committed to the economical renewal of this community.”

The original plans for the MLK Transit Village were similar to the retail district surrounding the Metrorail Dadeland stations.  It included a transit hub for Miami-Dade Transit buses, retail shops, commercial buildings and affordable and workforce housing units.

New Orleans and Gulf Coast Residents Still Need Help, Give a Day of Service

Here's an opportunity to help rebuild New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. Far too many former residents of the area are still displaced and need to return to re-claim their land. This is an opportunity to actually do something to help that historic area.

More than two years after hurricanes Katrina and Rita, some neighborhoods still remain devastated and uninhabited.

Join Tavis Smiley, Tom Joyner and the State of the Black Union panelists in partnership with the Office of Lt. Governor Mitchell Landrieu to assist in the clean-up and rebuild of New Orleans.

Friday, February 22, 7:00am to 3:00pm
(Service Orientation: Thursday, February 21, 7:00pm – 8:00pm)

Volunteer to help rebuild New Orleans! The goal is for 1,000 people to come out in their sweats and work boots and help rebuild New Orleans.

Attendees will be assigned to one of six projects.
Project 1 – Build a Home
Project 2 – Beautify a City Park
Project 3 – Build a Playground
Project 4 – Demolish a Home
Project 5 – Beautify a School Yard & Donate Books
Project 6 – Build Shelves for Public Library and Donate Books

Volunteers will receive a T-shirt, service kit (gloves, face mask, sponsor giveaways), continental breakfast, box lunch, and Reserved Seating at State of the Black Union 2008.

Title Partner
Office of Lt. Governor Mitchell Landrieu

National Sponsor
Wells Fargo

Lead Partners
Habitat for Humanity
Trinity Christian Community
Xavier University
Recovery School District
New Orleans Public Library
PBS & PRI - Public Radio International


Notice to Republican Party: Popularity of Crist is not transferable

Popularity of Crist is not transferable

Published 11/22/07

The Republican Party of Florida is trying diligently to capitalize on the popularity of the state's governor to woo more blacks into the GOP.

It's not going to work to any statistically significant degree because the Republicans simply are pressing the wrong buttons. They, for the most part, just don't understand blacks.

Republicans are so captivated by the few black Republicans that they fail to see that for the most part these black Republicans come over in the black community as anti-black.

Thus, when the Republican Party, long perceived as anti-black, hold similarly perceived blacks in such high esteem, the GOP becomes less, not more attractive to blacks.

Gov. Charlie Crist is tremendously popular among blacks. He got an astounding 18 percent of the black vote even though the Democratic ticket included Daryl Jones, a black candidate for lieutenant governor.

And based on what seems to be a statewide consensus, if Crist were on the Jan. 29 ballot, he would at a minimum double the black vote he got a year ago.

But that popularity is not transferable.

Crist is an exception. He is seen as a man whose heart is in the right place and values people over politics.

He has been labeled among blacks as "Florida's first black governor." That kind of reference, accorded to only one other politician - Bill Clinton - is to the man, not the party.

Last week in Orlando during the Florida Classic festivities, the Republican Party of Florida hosted its first Black Republican Conference.

Crist and RPOF Chairman Jim Greer joined Texas Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams, pro-football Hall of Famer Lynn Swann and best-selling author and news talk personality Angela McGlowan to discuss Republicanism in the African-American community.. Rep. Jennifer Carroll, the first African American Republican woman ever elected to the Florida Legislature, was honorary chairwoman of the event.

In keynoting the luncheon, Crist said of the GOP: " ... Our values and principles often mirror those of the African American community. The African American community in Florida, like the Republican Party of Florida, believes in lower taxes, support for small businesses, empowerment through education, and conservative family values."

Nice try, but no sale.

While Crist's actions give him credibility individually, there has been no hint of such sensitivity by the Republican Party.

For example, even higher among the values of blacks are legal and social justice, equal opportunity, fairness, sensitivity and compassion for the less fortunate - values the basic Republican philosophy condemns as "reverse discrimination," "affirmative action," "entitlements" and "socialized medicine," and the like.

The Florida Chapter of NAACP Branches recently presented Crist an award for his efforts to ensure civil rights and accessible, affordable higher education to all Floridians.

As attorney general, Crist helped to create the Marvin Davies Civil Rights Act, giving the attorney general authority to initiate civil rights action when there is a pattern of discrimination.

Crist has met with presidents of the state's HBCUs and currently serves as the Florida chairman for the United Negro College Fund.

He also restored the voting rights of ex-felons who have paid their debt to society and prodded the Legislature to pay $5.5 million in compensation to the parents of Martin Lee Anderson, the 14-year-old black youth who died after being struck and kneed by Bay County boot camp guards.

Credit for all that goes to Crist and not the Republican Party.

And until the GOP shelves the rhetoric and, like Crist, demonstrate that their hearts are in the right place, the Republican Party will not become any more appealing to blacks.

But blacks won't hold that against Crist.

What do YOU think?

Write a letter to the editor here...

Capital Outlook Viewpoint

FAMU Trounced by Cookman in Florida Classic; FAMU AD Resigns and Football Staff Fired

Not surprisingly, FAMU Head Football Coach Rubin Carter was fired by FAMU president Dr. James Ammons. What was a surprise is that the entire football coaching staff was also given the boot. Athletic Director Nelson Townsend resigned. Since both Townsend and Carter were appointed by interim president Dr. Castell Bryant, it was a surprise that they were not released when Ammons was named president as earlier rumors had proclaimed. FAMU's poor record (3-8) and loss to Bethune-Cookman surely sealed the fate of Carter, Townsend, et. al.

Check the comments by this Rattler fan for an idea of the sentiments of many in the Rattler family. What happens next will be very interesting. No doubt the 2007 FAMU football season will be dissected and folks that are frequent posters to various sports bulletin boards will weigh in on who should be the next AD and head football coach. Coach Allen Bogan has been appointed interim athletic director while FAMU searches for an athletic director and head football coach.

Several names for Carter's successor have been tossed around including former FAMU head coach Billy Joe and Miami Northwestern's Billy Rolle. Personally, I'd like to see Coach Joe in a dual role as AD and head coach for a couple of years with Billy Rolle as assistant coach and FAMU's next head football coach. Rolle has proven himself a history-making high school coach, his next move is a natural one to college ball. We've heard the horror stories of recent recruiting efforts in Miami and Rolle can help overcome that. It's likely that FAMU would reap additional financial support from FAMUans if the Billy-Billy combination is realized.

Coach Joe deserves the spot and he wants it. His reputation was sullied only to have him exonerated by the NCAA. His maturity, experience and relationship with alumni make him the perfect choice as AD also. Coach Joe would also make an excellent mentor in grooming Billy Rolle to assume head coaching duties in the near future.

It's time for stability in the FAMU football program and that's just my two cents on the issue.


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Chief Jimmy Brown Hot Talk Host launches MySpace page celebrating 18 years in radio

"I really appreciate the love and support that I have received from the "Hot Talk" listeners during the past years.  Hot Talk listeners are special people." said Chief Jimmy Brown. 

By Rose Reeder, the evermore popular networking site for a gazillion people on the planet has a new member, Chief Jimmy Brown of Hot Talk 105.1 fm. (Clap, clap, clap!!) His website is For those not familiar with, it is one of several on-line communities used by techies, young people, mega-superstars i.e. Halle Berry, Will Smith, Oprah, Kanye West, Former President Bill Clinton (the Black president), Presidential candidate Barack Obama, International Keynote Speaker James Amps, Nationally Acclaimed Author and Motivational Speaker Lisa Rogers-Cherry etc. use to communicate/market services all over the world. Savvy business people in every arena have a site or are setting one up.

Here is a portion of what the viewer will read on Chief Brown's MySpace page in the section called " About Chief Jimmy Brown" :

Somebody say boom-shacka-lacka -( listeners know this is one of Chief's favorite sayings when he agrees with a comment and or statement )

Talk Show Host

"South Florida's number 1 Arbitron Rated talk show, Hot Talk on Hot 105.1 fm presents its esteemed host, "Chief Jimmy L. Brown".

Every Sunday night at 11:00pm (EST) listeners tune in to the most informative "live" talk show in the South Florida market. Regulars know the all too familiar voice who starts the show sending shout-outs to various people and municipalities throughout South Florida with special shout outs to his mom, Mrs. Ida Mae Brown of Perrine and to his "Barbie Doll" (Chief's wife Michelle Brown) in Davie.

The talk show "Hot Talk" was born out of the rage and frustration that erupted into violence on the streets of Miami in 1989 after a police officer shot and killed a motorcyclist, touching off days of civil unrest infamously known as the McDuffie riots.  Brown was part of the army of officers who swept through Miami's Black community, arresting looters and bottle-throwers"…….

To the left of the About Chief Jimmy Brown section are pictures.  As one explores the site, there are various sections to read and listen to. Most notably; "book of the week"; "Go back with Chief and reminisce….letter from the Birmingham jail by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr." and soon to be placed on the page the much requested "Willie Lynch letter". As with all of the MySpace pages people who have them can place their picture(s) and other information on other sites.
Programming Producer Missey Bailey was instrumental in galvanizing the experts to put this site together for Chief Brown to pay homage to him. 

Having worked both on the air and behind the scenes, Bailey is enjoying her tour of duty with Hot Talk host.  "Chief Jimmie Brown is like a Father figure to me" said Bailey. "Every Sunday he delivers insightful information to our South Florida listeners with a hard core one, two punch".  In the background assisting is Brotha Maze and the intern, Brandon. (You can see their pictures on the site).

As Chief Brown reminisces about the 18 years on the air he said "I really appreciate the love and support that I have received from the "Hot Talk" listeners during the past years.  Hot Talk listeners are special people." Many callers requested more Hot Talk before and after the demise of the People's station. 

Chief Brown is encourages listeners/callers to let Phil Michaels-Trueba, Program Director know you want more "Hot Talk" .. His email is [email protected] and  phone number is (305) 567-5692.  Stay tuned for more information about Chief celebrating 18 years on the air and be sure to check out the site! 

Remember Gaston's Rules as You Shop This Holiday Season

I probably should have posted this last week to give it time to marinate in your consciousness. There is really no reason that Blacks don't have more financial resources except we don't follow basic rules. I'm guilty also.

Let's do better --- starting NOW. More important, let's teach our children better financial habits. As the United States' economy continues on this downward spiral, it would behoove all of us to do a major re-working of financial priorities and prepare for some serious survival issues.

Black entrepreneur A.G. Gaston had it right a long time ago. His lessons still hold true today.

A.G. Gaston: Rough Road to Riches

By James C. Johnson

As the civil rights movement swept through the South during the late 1950s, certain moments captured the bravery of those on the front lines. When Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was arrested in Birmingham, Alabama, for marching without a permit, march organizers knew his immediate release was crucial to keep the struggle alive. The call for help went out to Arthur George Gatson, the city's most prominent black entrepreneur, who posted the $5,000 bail for King's release. [MORE]

A. G. Gaston's 10 rules for success

1. Save a part of all you earn. Pay yourself first. Take it off the top and bank it. You'll be surprised how fast the money builds up. If you have two or three thousand dollars in the bank, sooner or later somebody will come along and show you how to double it. Money doesn't spoil. Keep it.

2. Establish a reputation at a bank or savings and loan association. Save at an established institution and borrow there. Stay away from loan sharks.

3. Take no chances with your money. Play the safe number, the good one. A man can't afford to lose has no business gambling.

4. Never borrow anything that, if forced to it, you can't pay back.

5. Don't get bigheaded with the little fellows. That's where the money is. If you stick with the little fellows, give them your devotion, they'll make you big.

6. Don't have so much pride. Wear the same suit for a year or two. It doesn't make any difference what kind of suit the pocket is in if there is money in the pocket.

7. Find a need and fill it. Successful businesses are founded on the needs of the people. Once in business, keep good books. Also, hire the best people you can find.

8. Stay in your own class. Never run around with people you can't compete with.

9. Once you get money or a reputation for having money, people will give you money.

10. Once you reach a certain bracket, it is very difficult not to make more money.

Wilbert Tee Holloway Named to School Board

On Monday, Governor Charlie Crist announced the appointment of state representative Wilbert ‘Tee’ Holloway to fill the District 1 School Board vacancy due to the death of Dr. Robert Ingram. Holloway is generally regarded as a nice man with an even-keeled disposition. That’s really sweet but the students in that District need more than nice.

Holloway’s detractors cite his lackluster tenure in the State Legislature and involvement with many community leaders under scrutiny because of misuse of public funds. Rather than harp on that with Holloway or any public leaders, let’s focus on doing our part as citizens and holding folks accountable. It’s really just that simple.

Give Holloway a chance to prove that he is worthy of the position to represent District 1 but don’t abdicate personal responsibility either. Students in Miami-Dade County Public Schools need so much help to prepare them for the future. Passing the FCAT gets the most attention when it comes to academic focus and that’s all well and good but focus must be placed on the whole child and assuring that students are learning rather than regurgitating information.

Holloway has his work cut out for him with a Board generally regarded as dysfunctional. With a much smaller number of members than he’s dealt with in Tallahassee, this new position may prove particularly challenging. Now, who will fill Holloway’s state rep seat?

This Christmas: You Can’t Exchange Family, You Just Have to Love Them!

Two months ago I would have told you that Chris Brown was one of the most annoying entertainers around. That's seems a tad cruel but I'm just keeping it real. He was everywhere. The comments equating him to Michael Jackson really did it for me. Anyhoo, I think he was overexposed and rewarded way too early for a neophyte musical career. Well, it seems that young Mr. Brown just may have proven himself in his role in This Christmas. Obviously, his singing talent and appeal to young women are capitalized on to sell this movie and the soundtrack. It works.


The cast seems to click so much so that the interaction seems so real and I could definitely identify with my own family members and many of the characters. Now, don't get it twisted, there's nothing new in this movie. The storyline is predictable but ya know what? It still works. The jokes, one-liners and come backs remind me of any of several family gatherings.

If I could have changed anything, I probably would have one less Soul Train line. While black folks like to have a good time, I just don't recall that much extraneous dancing going on in my household. That being said, I love this movie and I could watch it over and over again.

Regina King is awesome, as usual, Sharon Leal, Loretta Devine are fabulous and video model turned actress Lauren London holds her own. Two of my favorite actors, Delroy Lindo and Idris Elba bring sexy back for me every time.

I also like the way black filmmakers are infusing the value of education and attending a historically-black college or university in their work.

If you want to see a feel good movie with a few twists and turns, you'll enjoy This Christmas. Remember, you can't exchange family.