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Antonio Jimenez defended his reputation in The Miami Herald after being called a liar by the SAO. He has already set up private practice in Coral Gables. Controversy about his firing, the resignation of Herbert Walker and firings of other SAO staffers have really heated up the JUSTICE BUILDING BLOG.

Amid allegations of disparate treatment of blacks and unreported sexual harassment issues, it seems as though the SAO may need to be investigated also. Read for yourself. Some assertions may not be true but others just make you go…hmmm.


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There is a lot of disparate treatment going on at the Miami-Dade State Attorneys. KFR could care less. The thing is at that office, being that most everyone is an attorney save the support staff, no one would be foolish enough to engage in discriminatory treatment for the sake of discriminatory treatment. So a lot of what goes on, is based on pretextual reasons. The mistakes made by African-American attorneys which are equally made by their white counterparts, are severely punished whereas the office looks the other way for their "chosen ones".

Things are already delicate as is, because most of the attorneys are white and non-white attorneys are in a small minority, whereas by contrast, the numbers of non-white support staff are high. As to the support staff however, the non-whites occupy the bottom levels of the positions as the whites move up the ranks quicker.

It is doubtful KFR will ever care.

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