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Liberty City 7 ex-defendant may be deported despite acquittal


Liberty City 7 ex-defendant in `nightmare'


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Lyglenson Lemorin's mom, Julienne Olibrice, left, and his wife, Charlene, in Miami on Thursday. Lemorin was the only defendant among the so-called Liberty City 7 to be acquitted at the recent terrorism trial in Miami. But he could be deported back to his native country, Haiti.

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Lyglenson Lemorin, acquitted of terrorism charges last week in federal court in Miami, is still a guilty man in the eyes of the U.S. government.

Lemorin, 32, a lawful U.S. resident, remains behind bars -- far from his Miami family -- in the tiny town of Lumpkin, Ga., a deportation center 150 miles south of Atlanta.

On Thursday, Lemorin's wife learned from The Miami Herald that federal authorities have charged her husband with unspecified ''administrative immigration violations'' and that he has been placed in ''removal proceedings'' that could lead to his deportation to his native Haiti. [More]


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