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The recent media coverage of alleged corruption and squandered public dollars is not funny. The Miami Herald developed a series of series of articles on the issues. The latest public officials caught up in the morass, City of Miami Commissioners Michelle Spence Jones and Marc Sarnoff are in a he said-she said battle of which is detailed in a memo written by Sarnoff.

In an attempt at humor, Herald columnist Ana Menendez, essentially marginalizes Sarnoff and his memo. Such is the case with former Miami city manager Joe Arriola and others who dispute the Sarnoff memo.

At least one thing is certain; the folks whose names have crept up in the corruption issues know their actual involvement. Make that two things; someone's lying also---either the Miami Herald investigative reporters or the accused.

Regardless of how this plays out, wasting taxpayer monies is not funny, bribes are not funny and neither is impugning someone's character.


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