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Remembering Frankie Bell Payton

Stories of the lives of women such as Frankie Bell Payton are becoming rarer. Mrs. Payton raised 9 children mostly on her own; the most well-known of her offspring is actress JoMarie Payton of television's Family Matters fame.

Mrs. Payton worked for many years as a domestic. She was a loving, proud and dignified woman. Here is an excerpt of the Miami Herald's coverage of Mrs. Payton's life. Please be sure to check out the photos on the slideshow.



Raised 9 children, including actress

Posted on Tue, Dec. 25, 2007


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Frankie Bell Payton reared nine kids on her own. For much of her life, she worked seven days a week, always emphasizing the importance of an education and honest work to her children.

Even after her eldest daughter established a career in television, Payton continued to work, often donating her money to charities.

Frankie Payton died Dec. 16 of a cerebellar hematoma, just hours after the wedding of her daughter JoMarie Payton, who appeared in the TV series Family Matters. Her daughter was married with her mother's ring.

''She was hanging on for something special,'' Payton said. ''And she -- and God -- picked him out for me.'' Payton's new husband was one of the doctors who cared for her mother over the past year. [Continue reading…]



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