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Public deserves complete coverage of corruption issues

Former City of Miami Chief of Operations Mary Conway says Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones Pressured Related Group

The drama of accusations of corruption has heated up again based on today's front page of the Miami Herald. While voters prepare to cast ballots on important issues such as Amendment 1 and allowing slot machines in Miami-Dade County, the fight for the political life of Michelle Spence-Jones and credibility of other prominent citizens is in full effect.

As mentioned in an earlier post, someone is lying regarding this issue. I guess we'll be forced to endure legal proceedings for resolution to this matter. It's time for this madness to stop but why should we really expect it to when political corruption and allegations of corruption preceded all of us and still exist.

No matter what becomes of this latest situation, the people lose. That's just my two cents. A portion of the Miami Herald article is below with a link to the full version.


Whistle-blower says politician pressured firm

A city official fired after blowing the whistle on fellow employees has accused a city commissioner of trying to get political allies on a developer's payroll.

Posted on Tue, Jan. 29, 2008


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Former Miami Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones opens up her speech at a community meeting, June, 2006.

(The caption above is verbatim from the Miami Herald. Freudian slip or what? P.S. It has since been corrected.)

Weeks before Miami commissioners approved a controversial Coconut Grove condominium project, Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones' office was pushing for a politically connected friend to be hired by the condo developer, a former top city official testified.

Former Chief of Operations Mary Conway, in a civil court deposition obtained by The Miami Herald on Monday, said Spence-Jones' actions left her -- and two others -- feeling ``exasperation and disgust that a request like that was being made.''

Conway's deposition, taken this month as part of a lawsuit filed by opponents to the three-tower project, is significant in that it largely echoes Commissioner Marc Sarnoff's memo to himself describing Spence-Jones' alleged role in pushing for payments for her friends from city developers. [More…]



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AMEN! to your 2 cents!!! I think that the people fail to realize that we, as voters, as taxpayers, as residents, are the boss. These positions are not called Public SERVICE in vain. And until we take that power back to demand responsibility and accountability to the community, the saga continues...great post!

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