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Meet Jamaica’s Dustin Brown

The handsome young man with locs who is prominently featured on the sidebar of this blog is none other than Dustin Brown who hails from Jamaica. Brown is a tennis sensation and fashion model. We can definitely see why.

Anyhoo, surprisingly, as talented as he is, Dustin is without a major sponsor. If any Nike representative or Oprah or Bill Gates is reading this blog, help a young man out why don't you.

I was 'introduced' to Dustin through an interview on the blog, Black Tennis Pro's. If you want to know anything about blacks in tennis you must check it out. If you just want to look at more photos of Dustin, that's understandable too.

In the meantime, Dustin's going to remain on the sidebar until we feel like replacing him and that's not likely to happen any time soon. Peace.


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This is very nice, Dustin's getting a lot of blog time and he needs it. We're hoping that some very kind sponsor will check into Dustin and help push his tennis career further.

I'm going to send this link and others to him today.


Thanks, Shelia. I googled Dustin and he has gotten picked up by quite a few blogs, thanks to you.

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