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Private Soiree for Judge Karen

By Rose Reeder


Sending her off in style to New York, friends hosted a private soiree at Chocolate restaurant on Coral Way for Judge Karen Mills-Francis. Mills-Francis recently resigned from the bench in Miami-Dade County for a Sony television daytime judge show called Judge Karen. The Honorable Karen Mills-Francis and family arrived in a limousine to celebrate her success with her Honor wearing an elegant Black cocktail dress designed by Angela Dean.

Well wishers at the soiree were family, friends and colleagues of the legal community. With the judge's affinity toward the Latin American language and culture, Chocolate restaurant on Coral Way was the venue of choice. Chocolate was a very intimate and private setting for the judge's party. Known for their extraordinary Chocolate finishes, dishes were flawlessly prepared under the direction of a renowned chef who collaborates daily with managing partner Emiliano Aloi to explore new flavors and enhance the dining experience. There was a constant flow of hors d'oeurves. An Argentina influence was evident in the food and entertainment. Guests were entertained by a dancer and guitarist.

Judge Karen plans to be bi-lingual before her 50th birthday. Sí, se puede !

Guests mingled as each took time with the guest of honor. When asked by another reporter about her television show Judge Karen commented she felt that based on her personality and style she will bring something different to the show.

Judge Karen told guests how much their helping her celebrate meant so much to her. She was blown away by friends, law partners and judges who took time out of their busy schedules. Someone made a toast for high ratings of the show. The judge told the group to be sure to watch it, TIVO it, etc.

Sony publicist Jennifer Kahn for Judge Karen flew down for the affair and Chocolate's public relations representative Rebecca Beltran Vice President of Kiskinis Communications, Inc. was on the scene to make sure all ran smoothly.

Premiering on September 8, 2008, JUDGE KAREN is a half-hour daytime court strip that brings a spirited new personality to the daytime court proceedings. Show will air in Miami on CBS4 or My33 (Check local times.)

"It's my intention to run my TV courtroom as I run my real courtroom, and I think it's important that you show good judgment" said Judge Karen.

Adios, Judge Karen, much success on your new show!


If you're planning a trip to New York, call for tickets to the Judge Karen show @ 1-866-AUDIENCE,








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Huey Long

Mrs Mills is just another of black females that are using the bench to promote their agendas. Mills, Toler, Penny are all calling it outrageous when it's a man
doing something to a woman, but when a man is at home doing nothing it wrong but when a woman is sitting at home having babies by other men while the husband is at work that is ok. Real black Judges fought for the right to sit on the bench for so called black female judges to mess up the reps of the real judges. Others like Joe Brown are talking about promote womanhood then let them take their chances like everyone else. I am in the military and is she both sides. Women who are as strong as any man I know and those who use the sexuality like a coat. Equal pay for equal rights....then suck it up and quit babing women.

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