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Publix cover-up of manager’s attack on employee at Miami Shores store

It's time to think twice about shopping at Publix. Yeah, everybody has to eat but principles trump abusive management tactics that not only go unanswered but are covered up. Check out exclusive coverage of this incident on CBS Channel 4.

It's distressing to know that Publix general manager Curt Leonor would throw a shopping cart at Robert Rouchon, lie about it and only be punished by being sent to another store. That's shameful.

Rouchon is suing Publix and they should be made to pay dearly. Why when he wasn't severely injured? Well, let's start with working in a hostile environment. Add in an emotionally unstable employee --- who happens to be management --- and it's easy to see that this situation could have been a lot worse. One has to wonder if the GM runs the stores by harassment and intimidation.

It's one thing to deal with personnel issues in an open and honest manner. It's another thing to falsify official employment documents and attempt to bribe an employee. Shame on Publix!

Publix may be where "shopping is a pleasure" but working there must be a different story.

Stay tuned for more on this issue.


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