Publix cover-up of manager’s attack on employee at Miami Shores store
Dwight Lauderdale, local 10 news anchor signing off…..

South Florida Times extends to radio

Did you check out the new talk show created by the South Florida Times?

It seems that attorney and entrepreneur Robert Beatty’s venture into the media world has spawned yet another innovative creation of the South Florida Times newspaper.  Starting yesterday at 10 AM on 1470 AM, a trio of talk show hosts with different political perspectives, were slated to engage in a verbal exchange that will educate the community and elevate the dialogue on matters affecting our community.

Not only can listeners tune in via radio, but the show is also accessible via the South Florida Times web site,

Check it out and let us know what you think.


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Black Man Walking

I heard the program, and it was a blast. Its better than I expected, and it real, not make believe.

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