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Charges dropped against all Edison students

From the South Florida Times:

CARIBBEAN CROSSROADS: Sweet victory for Edison High students


It has been more than four  months since the riots broke at Miami Edison Senior High.  A student who allegedly was placed in a “choke hold” by a principal was arrested on Feb. 28.

On Feb. 29, several students who felt that the arrest was grossly unfair planned a peaceful rally. After doing some research, the students prepared a flier for the occasion. They spoke of their intent – their right to a peaceful assembly.

What happened next varies based on which protagonist tells the story. The police alleged that the students attacked them, threw chairs, food particles, milk and juice. Several police officers were said to be injured as a result.

The students recounted a completely different scenario. They denied the presence of chairs.  They claimed that they were having a peaceful protest when the police “descended with rage” in riot gear, batons, nasty dogs and stun guns.

Victims and eyewitnesses alike described how students were slammed to the ground, beaten, handcuffed and dragged to juvenile and adult detention centers, depending on their ages.

I went to Edison in the heat of the melee to meet with distressed parents. They had made repeated calls to the agency.  It was dezas konple in Creole, or complete disaster. [Read more..]


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