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Developer Pleads Guilty and Gets Slap on the Wrist

From a press conference that appeared impressive, State Attorney Katherine Fernandez-Rundle announced the guilty verdict and plea deal agreed to by developer Reynaldo Diaz who is at the heart of a federal housing probe detailed in the Herald investigative reporting series, House of Lies.

With falsified documents, Diaz received almost a million dollars from the County to build 28 homes; he only built two. It's been reported that Diaz repaid the $940,000 he was awarded. Diaz was sentenced to three years probation and ordered to complete 326 days of community service with Habitat for Humanity building low income housing. He has agreed to cooperate with investigation and to never seek a county contract again.

Talk about a slap on the wrist; with sentences such as this, Miami-Dade County residents have no reason to feel as though justice has been served or will be served when public corruption is involved.

Oh yeah, you know there's something wrong when a newspaper exposes such significant corruption and folks either elected or paid to function in the best interest of residents and taxpayers, don't appear to be doing their jobs.



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