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Follow-up on DMX: Dame Grease Gets Emergency call from DMX Manager & Bodog to save DMX

Media Alert to Blogging Black Miami:
With the industry at a hold waiting on the Dog's new album, many might speculate whether or not all of the legal trouble surrounding him might be the cause. As of yesterday (June 27, 2008), DMX's manager and BODOG music put out a call to get long time producer Dame Grease to help save the album. With all of the controversy surrounding X right now, its only right that he is saved by the man who influenced his successful career. Grease is scheduled to fly out this weekend to start work on the album.

North Miami Beach soldier killed in Iraq

Cpl. Marcus W. Preudhomme, 23, of North Miami Beach, was one of three Marines killed in Iraq yesterday. Also killed were Lt. Col. Max A. Galeai, 42, of Pago Pago, American Samoa, and Capt. Philip J. Dykeman, 38, of Brockport, N.Y., all of whom were based in Hawaii.

Peace and Blessings to all of their families.

Metro PCS store robbed across from North Miami police station

Clerk threatened during robbery of Metro PCS store in North Miami

Check out Channel 7's coverage of the robbery of the Metro PCS Store on NE 125th street in North Miami. The store clerk was terrorized by two young men and even had a gun pointed to her head.

These guys were brazen enough to commit the robbery across the street from the North Miami police station. You know the cops are ticked off at the disrespect. The thieves got away with about $1,500. The young lady was not physically injured although she must be a nervous wreck after that incident.

Now, let's break this down. You see, those two guys make it bad for all the young black men just minding their own business and trying to be successful in life. Those two young men would want the community to come to their rescue if the cops went up side their heads a few times. Well, the foolishness needs to stop. It's likely that they have family and friends who condone the thievery. And criminals like them don't care about you or me. It's a shame.

Prayerfully, the crooks will be caught and punished to the full extent of the law. If anyone witnessed the robbery or saw the robbers leaving the store or know who those guys are, call the North Miami Police. Think you're being a snitch? Well, think about you or a family member could be the next victim.


FOR THE BROTHERS ONLY: When women ---and they don't have to be white --- clutch their purses when you get on an elevator or pass you on the street; this is why. When store clerks watch you as if you're going to steal something; this is why. It doesn't make it right to stereotype people but it is what it is. Do something to change that, please.

DMX busted

What is up with DMX? He was caught up in a drug sting somewhere in Miami. Cops report he tried to buy cocaine and marijuana. This is his second arrest within a few days. Does this man have any real friends? His home in New York is in foreclosure and will be auctioned soon. This is a cry for help from DMX. Prayerfully this is rock bottom for him and he'll get his life right.

FAMU College of Law Honors Gwendolyn Cherry with Lecture Hall


Culminating a project that began eight years ago, the Florida A&M University College of Law and members of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated, co-hosted the Gwendolyn Sawyer Cherry, Esquire Lecture Hall Dedication and Endowed Scholarship Fund Presentation at the school, naming a moot courtroom for the law school alumna, who was also an active member and legal advisor for the sorority.

Garth C. Reeves, Sr., publisher emeritus for The Miami Times, was the keynote speaker for the June 5, 2008 dedication event, during which he provided a history of the role Cherry and other lawyers played in obtaining civil rights and liberties in Florida. Other notable guests included Mynora Bryant, International Grand Basileus, Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated; Leenette Morse Pennington, past interim president of Edward Waters College; the Honorable Ralph Flowers, Esquire, retired judge and FAMU College of Law Alumnus (1968); and, Henry Givens, board director, Southern Health Network, Incorporated.

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Florida Classic Tickets to go on Sale July 7

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Tickets for the 2008 edition of America's largest HBCU football game, the Florida Classic presented by State Farm, go on sale July 7th, as do tickets to the annual extravaganza on the eve before the game, the State Farm Battle of the Bands. The Classic, the 29th-annual contest between Bethune-Cookman University and Florida A&M University will be played on November 22nd at the Florida Citrus Bowl Stadium in Orlando.

General admission tickets can be purchased at any Ticketmaster outlet by phone (407.839.3900) or online through or Priority seating for the game are available in season ticket packages purchased at either B-CU or FAMU. For ticket information for B-CU, call 368.481.2202; for FAMU, call 850.599.3141.

Charges dropped against all Edison students

From the South Florida Times:

CARIBBEAN CROSSROADS: Sweet victory for Edison High students


It has been more than four  months since the riots broke at Miami Edison Senior High.  A student who allegedly was placed in a “choke hold” by a principal was arrested on Feb. 28.

On Feb. 29, several students who felt that the arrest was grossly unfair planned a peaceful rally. After doing some research, the students prepared a flier for the occasion. They spoke of their intent – their right to a peaceful assembly.

What happened next varies based on which protagonist tells the story. The police alleged that the students attacked them, threw chairs, food particles, milk and juice. Several police officers were said to be injured as a result.

The students recounted a completely different scenario. They denied the presence of chairs.  They claimed that they were having a peaceful protest when the police “descended with rage” in riot gear, batons, nasty dogs and stun guns.

Victims and eyewitnesses alike described how students were slammed to the ground, beaten, handcuffed and dragged to juvenile and adult detention centers, depending on their ages.

I went to Edison in the heat of the melee to meet with distressed parents. They had made repeated calls to the agency.  It was dezas konple in Creole, or complete disaster. [Read more..]

What will they think of next? A brothel on wheels?

Can you believe that Christine Morteh and Clyde Scott were operating a brothel on wheels on Miami Beach? Men paid $40 to board the limo bus and for all the drinks they wanted. Young women gave lap dances and engaged in sexual acts all for a fee while this huge luxury bus traveled the streets of Miami Beach.

Police say they've seen nothing like that before but it reminds me of the traveling gambling lounge from that Sidney Poitier movie, For Love of Ivy. Anyhoo, that operation has been shut down. Four women were arrested along with Morteh and Scott.


Click here for video.

Word On the Street with Bunquisha Keylolo Brown

Blonde_afro Now, I ain’t one to gossip so you didn’t it from me but it seems that a certain school board candidate was recently overheard in the Panera Bread Company talking very loud about Dade schools superintendent Rudy Crew and dropping names of people who this candidate said support his campaign.

It seems that he thinks that Crew doesn’t ‘understand the educational needs of this community’. Ha! This candidate proceeded to say that he has the support of the Hispanics and he also dropped the name of the Gelbers on the Beach.

He went on to mention a certain billboard that “Feldman” didn’t want his name on. Hmmm….could that have been Larry Feldman, candidate for the District 9 school board seat? Whatever that was about; Feldman wanted no parts of it. All the foolishness may be revealed soon. In the meantime students test scores improved and Crew still keeps piling up awards and accolades.

Anyway, that’s all the gossip I have for you today. Please don’t engage in loud conversations in public no matter what you’re talking about.

Tom Joyner giving away gas tomorrow!

Yes, it's true and sure to cause madness galore; Tom Joyner is giving away gasoline tomorrow. What's the catch? You have to listen to his show at 9:55 a.m. to find out where the gasoline giveaway will take place. Tom will pay for gas for two hours. Get the details by registering for his extended family network.

As high as gas prices are, we just ask that y'all don't get rowdy!