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In Tribute to Barack Obama: The Journey



I wish I could see the smile on Martin's face.

I wish I could get a glimpse of Malcom's they

just don't know grin.

I wish I could be the pen in Langston's hand

right now.

See, it's been a journey but that's nothing new

for black folks especially the Black Man.

Seventeen + months of questioning his blackness

and capability, doubts, wonder, assumptions,

and most of all countless threats.

It's obvious that he breathes the essence of

Maya's words because still he's rising.

A Black Queen by his side ~ his rib in action.

Two offsprings that will forever walk in pride.

Although the journey has been long, it's truly 

just beginning.

For it's not just time for change, it's time to see

the Bigger Picture.

Granted, the White House is the only major

accomplishment left to achieve when it comes to the

beautiful shade of brown in the here and now.

We'd be in the dark, some dead long ago, hungry,

way out of control than we already are on the roads,

picking up our mail off the ground, never answering

the phone without caller i.d. among many other

things essential to daily living and survival if it were

not for the mind of a Black Man.

By chance, would emotions be more stirred to believe that

it's really time if God used the clouds to scribe above in the

sky "Barack Obama is a vote you will not regret. He's by

far qualified, ready, willing and more than able to guide

America out of the hell hole that it is so deeply in."

Imagine that!

The journey continues and I'm following until the end.



Rebecca "Butterfly" Vaughns


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Nice tribute! I'm so proud of this family, I could burst! I can only imagine the possibilities when he finally takes office.

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