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South Florida FAMU Alumni Meet-up @ The Mahogany Grille

On Friday, May 30th, local alumni of Florida A&M gathered to mix and mingle at The Mahogany Grille in Miami Gardens. The atmosphere was smooth and light until things really got jumping with live entertainment.

The meet-up was co-ordinated by Cassandra Theramene, Charles Simms and Ron Butler of the Miami-Dade Chapter of the FAMU National Alumni Association. Some of the folks in the crowd were: Miami-Dade Chapter president Vanessa Byers; Miami-Dade Chapter VP Romania Wilson; Gold Coast Chapter President Lynette Wims; Joseph Wims; Mary Storr; Louise Berry; Charles Wright; Mayfred 'Long Sam' Felts; Oliver Gross, Sr.; Clydell Koon; Dr. Carrie Keys; Latoya Keys; Natasha Stubbs; LaShannon Petit; Jada Rauls; Gregg Higgs; Ryan Hawkins; Frederick Bryant; Sterlin Mesadieu; Dante' Fillyau; Azure-Dee Hazel; Jamie Pollock; Natacha Payen; Pamela Hill-Perry; Joy Oglesby; Ryan Welmaker; and Eric Johnson.

The Mahogany Grille is owned by FAMU alum, Andre Dawson and his brother, Vincent Brown.

Stay tuned for details on the next Rattler Meet-up. For more info and to be added to the mailing list: e-mail gofamu@miamidaderattlers.org.



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Natacha Payen

Hey Vanessa

Awesome site!!! Leave it up to you:) Always doing something great for Miami and for FAMU!!!! You represent all of us!!!!


Thanks, Natacha! I hope you had fun. Stay tuned, Cassandra and her crew are working on the next spot.

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