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School Starts Tomorrow!

Well, it looks like school will finally begin in Miami-Dade and Broward counties. After a two-day delay due to T.S. Fay, it's time to get back to the books and prepare young minds to become leaders of the world.

It is crucial that parents and guardians make school a priority for their children because a quality education or lack thereof will determine the future of generations to come.

Get to know your child's teacher and the school administration. Let them know that you are concerned and then show them that you are. Get phone numbers and e-mail addresses of your child's teacher and then stay in touch. Join the PTA.

Periodically ask specifics about how your child is doing in school and what you can do to improve his or her performance.

Do not put undo pressure on your child but help her develop good study habits and time management skills. Turn off the television unless they're watching the History Channel. Be prepared to answer their questions.

Reward your child when they perform well in school. Show how proud you are by posting their test scores and grades on the refrigerator door for the family to see. This is effective even if your child is in middle school or senior high school. Regardless of what they say, they love it!

Make sure your child's school posts the name of students who make the honor rolls and show improvement in their performance and behavior.

Make sure your child's education extends beyond the classroom. Help them learn another language in addition to English. Teach them self-love and pride by sharing the history and accomplishments of black people.

Model the behavior you want your child to have. If you are a registered voter, take them with you when you vote and explain, without lecturing, why voting is important. If your child is old enough, discuss the platform and campaign of the political candidates.

I know that may seem like a lot, but your child is just that important. Have a productive and progressive school year!



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