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Broward County Commissioners select Bertha Henry to fill County Administrator position

Congratulations, Bertha Henry, Broward County Administrator!

Thank God, eight of the nine Broward County Commissioners did the right thing and voted for Bertha Henry to permanently fill the County Administrator position. Since Henry has been filling the position for almost a year, there's no reason to expect her function any differently now that she's in the permanent position.

Now, let's just talk about contrarian, John Rodstrom for a moment. This guy, who seems to have a bone to pick with Henry and her husband, Westside Gazette publisher, Bobby Henry; has just set himself up as biased when it comes to her performance.

Rodstrom refused to make the vote for Henry unanimous and that's not a good thing for him as a public official. Rodstrom is upset that Bobby Henry supported his opponent, Carlton Moore, and although Rodstrom won, he's taking it out on Henry. What's that about? He says differently but action speaks louder than words.

We'll just keep a closer eye out on Broward County politics and keep Blogging Black Miami readers posted.


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