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The trickery and slickery of the Rethuglican Party is live and in full effect. To counteract the record number of blacks, Latinos and college students that have registered to vote and become participants in the political process, Florida and three other Republican-led states have implemented the "No Match, No Vote Law."

The law invalidates voter registration in the state's automated database if a person's driver's license number or the last four digits of the voter's Social Security number do not match numbers in other databases. Voters are supposed to be notified of discrepancies in the two months before an election. Chances are that won't happen because county elections supervisors are extremely busy and may not be able to contact all voters with mismatches.

In typical Rethuglican fashion, Florida's governor, Charlie Crist touts preventing voter fraud as the impetus behind this law. Sure, it sounds good but implementing the law now only adds to the possibility of confusion and disenfranchisement of thousands of voters.

That's all we need; more jokes about how we are too stupid or too corrupt to hold a presidential election.

Go to your supervisor of elections' website to check your voting status early to avoid election day drama. If you live in Miami-Dade County, verify your voting status by clicking this link: Please spread the word.   

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