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Mother’s boyfriend charged in infant’s death in Liberty City

Sadly, the boyfriend of Sabrina Darien has been charged in the death of her 6 month-old son, Jazira Darien, in Liberty City. An autopsy has determined that the infant died because of blunt trauma. Watson Dorval, the mother's boyfriend was the caretaker of the child at the time of death. He is accused of hitting the infant several times.

This story was prevalent in local media yesterday with Dorval being taken in for questioning, released and questioned again with the mother. Dorval was in tears as he proclaimed innocence.

These stories are reported too frequently. Watson said he was innocent and the child's mother says he would never do anything to harm the child. While every accused person has the right to be proven guilty before sentencing, Dorval knows if he had a role in this baby's death.

A two year-old was at home when the baby was taken to the hospital because he had trouble breathing. It was reported that the older child was hospitalized in stable condition.

Bless the little one whose stay on this earth was so short. May God protect Darien's other children and give the entire family wisdom and peace in coping with this tragedy in their lives.



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