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Poetry Moment: What a Woman!

A heart of immeasurable aptitude still able to give when there is nothing left

Always considering the needs of others, before she does for herself

Daily prayer for her family, her friends, and her enemies as well

Willing to give it another try even after she has failed

Crying out to the Father on those nights she feels broken, battered, and abused

Asking God to lead her down the right path, where she needs to be used

A broken heart, a shattered dream, but still she manages to strive

The scars of her wounds are clearly visible, impossible for her to hide

Yet she's fearless, clearly a woman of faith, because God is ordering her steps

For she knows that being a woman of God she is surely kept

She will never surrender to the hands of the enemy, she will never give in to smite

For she is familiar with the miracles of God, many are performed in her life

Through wind, rain, trials and tribulations she will never fret

For she knows that "God" is not through with her yet

© 2008 Writings by Avis P. Raines


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