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NAACP Miami-Dade Branch Presidential Inauguration Celebration

I am attending the local NAACP celebration in honor of President Barack Obama. This is a fitting occasion as Branch president Bishop Victor Curry reminded us of the need to work together in this community and for the resources of the community to be shared with all of the county's residents. As taxpayers, we must be at the table when decisions are made that affect our community.

There are many generations present on this cold January evening. Today has been a magical day and the magic continues. As the Instant Attraction band entertains us, the hopefulness and renewed American spirit is present in those in the room.

I am prayerful that as blacks in this community, regardless of where we were born and our native tongue, we will continue to break down barriers as our new president has done. While we celebrate his inauguration in a manner that others will not understand, it is important that we move on and move forward.

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