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Commissioners vote on Marlins Stadium March 4 and March 5

Commission votes on probably one of the most important and closely watched local political issues were moved up a week earlier.

City commissioners will vote on March 4 and County commissioners on March 5. Maybe. One never knows what may actually happen in politics.

For sure, the pressure is still on City Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones who is on maternity leave. This Week In South Florida with Michael Putney was again critical of Spence-Jones and cast her as somewhat derelict in her duties.

Conventional wisdom sides with a Yes vote from Spence-Jones because she won't vote against political mentor, Mayor Manny Diaz, who supports the stadium plan.

Marlins leaders are putting the hard sell on the black community. There are reports of their attempts to meet with folks at The Miami Times, one of the most popular newspapers in Miami that targets the black community.

Who's kidding whom? Surely, there are some palms being greased or at least attempted because of this proposed stadium project. Folks who have very little to do with the black community outside of maybe throwing pennies at a small fundraising event here and there are now pressing the flesh to get this deal passed? Hmmm....

It's likely a win-win situation has been crafted and a few jobs will be promised to blacks to squash opposition to the project. It's also a shame that the community is being strong-armed into this project which is not fiscally sound.

If it's built, they still won't come.

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