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Before building the Stadium, let’s look at the Bigger Picture

Listening to the Special County Commission Meeting: Is this the Twilight Zone or what?

Watching this commission meeting, much like last week's city commission meeting is tantamount to watching a bad movie or perhaps being in the Twilight Zone.

The "passion," defensiveness and references to personal integrity do little to justify positions already taken. Since I know that folks read this blog and forward it own to the powers that be, let me bring a few things to light.

I saw a small portion of the public comment but there were a couple of comments made that are very interesting.

Mayor Alvarez mentioned marching orders given to County Manager Burgess when Alvarez was elected. One of the mayor's priorities was building a baseball stadium.

Burgess blew off the Miami Arena site as a possibility for the stadium but failed to give specifics regarding any previous study. He also made the comment that the area where the stadium is to be built is "tomorrow's downtown." That makes me very uncomfortable; I don't know about you.

I'll be back with more observations later.

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