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DeFede hates Miami-Dade County 311

Popular journalist Jim DeFede writes about why he hates Miami-Dade County government's 311 system. It's so funny that he couldn't have made it up; it must be true. It's not that he doesn't have a sense of humor but this is priceless!

DeFede: Why I Hate Miami-Dade 311

Defedecolblue Who do I see to get back the 45 minutes of my life I just wasted dealing with Miami-Dade's 311 system?

I hate 311. I've hated it from the moment it was put into existence several years ago. It is bureaucracy run amok. If Dante added a tenth Circle of Hell to his Divine Comedy it would involve calling the county's 311 system.

In case you are not familiar with 311, let me explain. The idea is not without merit: Have one number that anyone can call to find what he or she needs in the county. The problem is 311 operators are just middlemen. Their job is to route you to the folks who can help you.

So even if you know the department you need, and you dial that county department directly, chances are your call is going to be bounced back to the 311 operator who will then try to find you a new number for the same department you were calling to begin with.

Let me explain by using my own experience. [More]


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Roger in Miami Gardens

That was hilarious. I've had mixed results with Miami-Dade's 311 system. At times, they've been utterly helpful. However, at other times, like DeFede, I'm about to rip my ears out. But, what do we expect, though? Citizens are demanding much more from their governments for a lot less, and it's hard to provide stellar service when folks keep demanding lower taxes. That's what's odd about Florida, in that, it's a low-tax state with high demand for services. We can't have it both ways, now.

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