Parties aplenty this weekend

What Recession? It’s Urban Beach Week!

South beach

Urban Beach Weekend…Black Beach Weekend…Hip Hop Weekend…Memorial Day Weekend. Call it what you like; there are hundreds of thousands of young black people on South Beach this weekend. That translates to millions of dollars spent for an unofficial festival not really welcomed by Miami Beach officials. Hmmm….

It also translates to lots of scantily clad females, guys with cameras and styling and profiling in customized vehicles. I don't begrudge any of that because it's all a part of being young during these days and times. The paint jobs on those vehicles are sometimes mind-blowingly creative and let's not talk about the hydraulics --- awesome! Some of my young sisters could show a little more class in their attire though. There is a difference between sexy and skanky. I'm just saying.

Some Miami Beach residents and businesses vacate the place during this weekend. Too many people…way too much traffic. Of course, law enforcement will be on the scene. Let's hope everyone behaves themselves and stays safe. Leave the guns and Jerry Springer Show fights at home, please.

Of course, the visitors will be on the lookout for celebrities that we see here all the time. Whatever the reason, news reports indicate hotels are booked at 92%; that's definitely welcome during this…uh…recession. What recession?

One more thing, can we try to remember the reason for this weekend and honor the service men and women who served this nation and gave their lives? Peace - Light- Love.


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I live on Collins in south beach and to say this is black beach weekend is insulting to black people. This is thug weekend. No respect for the law or residents, n-word every other foot walking down the streets, loud music, cars racing with drunk and high drivers, fights everywhere, even had the riot police and tear gas tonight on collins and 17th. I just moved here but next year I will leave town for sure as its not safe for white people to hang around. I have a lot of black friends and i dont think they would like to be associated with thugs nothing more. Every group in large numbers has issues but this was like being in a different country with no laws or respect and I feel sorry for the miami beach police. I think next year the mayor should do a better job of keeping them out as it makes locals that i know pretty racist as this is there only impression of black people and thats sad but its more sad this group would act like this.


I'm black and I don't even go in that direction on that weekend. It's sad but thuggishness is promoted and all blacks get labeled like that.


I think that if one weekend of wild youthful festivities makes you want to denounce your race, run for the hills or allows you to justify prejudging another's race, there was NO HOPE for you anyway.

Get over yourselves... it’s all in good fun. Don’t act like you never participated in jovial debauchery… Woodstock? Banoroo? FreakNic? Homecoming? Yeah.

NO justification for intolerance in this day and age. Face it. You’re a racist and/or self loathing. Accept it, and then do something about it. CHANGE.


I agree that there are some who act like fools but this would be true if it was a white Spring break event.

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