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In Business: CITY CRAB Seafood Restaurant

In Blogging Black Miami's commitment to the social and economic development of the community, we have chosen to present this periodic segment called "In Business" featuring various businesses throughout the area. This is our way of connecting the community to the hidden treasures within underserved areas of Miami that most times take a back seat to negative press. We also understand that the circulation of the dollar within the community is highly needed and the best means of stimulating social and economic transformation and, in turn, well sought political respect.

With this inaugural feature in Blogging Black Miami, we present the wonderful new crab and seafood restaurant in the heart of Miami's new African Caribbean Cultural Arts Corridor (NW 7th Avenue, NW 36th Street - NW 79th Street) - CITY CRAB.


City Crab Seafood Restaurant

In Business:      CITY CRAB Seafood Restaurant

(Specializing in Garlic Crabs and other delectable dishes)


Location:          6105 NW 7th Avenue
                       Miami, Florida 33127

Phone:         305.751.3996


Owners: Marlon & Rhonda Coakley

Miami has a new landmark for great garlic crabs, wonderful steamed garlic shrimp, grilled conch, scallops and other tasty hot dishes. The service is great. The staff is friendly and  everyone enjoys the down home atmosphere. Stop by and check out City Crab and say hello to the owners: Marlon & Rhonda Coakley. 

For more information, visit their website and click on our video blog below. City Crab will host its grand opening  and food tasting on Friday, July 10, 2009 from around 6:00pm - 11:00pm. You don't want to miss it.


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Escape Brooklyn

I went there craving garlic crabs but had to settle for shrimp because they had run out. How do you run out of crab when you are named City Crab? I was instantly annoyed and thought to myself "This is why I go to chain restaurants" until I feasted on the shrimp. The owner put his foot in that meal! It was to die for. It left me wanting more so I looked up the number to call today to see if they had crab delivered so I could pick up dinner. Surprise! The phone is disconnected. I find myself thinking those chain restaurant thoughts again... Small business owners, especially black small business owners. We MUST do better. If you are going to start something up make sure you have enough to meet your supply and demand. And above all, make sure your utilities are on at all costs! It is VERY tacky to have a disconnected business number. I hope this gets squared away immediately because I would love to see them flourish and spread out into different cities. With food that delicious it's very possible!


This is why the word has to get out about businesses like City Crab - quality product but no support.

If they had the patronage of the community and others they could stay in business and keep the lights and phone on.

Rumor has it that another "Black-Owned" business is trying to sabotage them to eliminate the competion. Sad, sad, sad.

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