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Target Stores and the Honey Shine Mentoring Program Teach Young Girls How to Shop Wisely and Prepare for Going Back to School

MIAMI, FL (August 18, 2009) - Eighty "Honey Bugs" from the Honey Shine Mentoring Program, a program of Alonzo Mourning Charities, will learn the ins and outs of shopping for deals this Saturday, August 22nd, 2009 as they explore the aisles of Target for back-to-school necessities for the 2009-2010 school year. The selected young girls from the Honey Shine Mentoring Program have been chosen based upon their attendance and participation in the program.   They will learn to shop for deals and manage finances with the help of Target team leaders and Honey Shine mentors at the Target store located at 7795 SW 40th Street (Bird Road) Miami, FL 33155.
The girls will begin their morning with a light breakfast and a special presentation from the Target team on how to shop smart for savings. To make the activity even more interactive, a "Price is Right"-style game will get the girls thinking about costs and the difference between generic and name-brand items found in the Target store. The Honey Bugs will then be paired with a mentor and given a $75 gift card and shopping list for their back-to-school necessities.
"Our Honey Bugs look forward to going back to school and we want to make sure the transition is easy, allowing them to solely focus on making the grade," says Tracy Wilson Mourning, founder of the Honey Shine Mentoring Program. "Our girls have worked hard throughout the year and during the summer at our Camp Honey Shine, so it's nice to reward them with a shopping experience which also gives us another opportunity to teach the importance of budgeting properly."
The Honey Bugs will have a specific shopping list for back-to-school items ranging from clothing to toiletries and will spend the day with Target team leaders and Honey Shine mentors as they shop for the best prices available for each item. The girls will learn to use coupons, look for the price difference between generic and name-brand products, and learn how to stay within a budget.


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