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Death in the City, Part 1

Michelle_Coleman Almost a month ago several people were injured and two three young people lost their lives in a shooting in Overtown. For a few days, there was an outcry by the community and coverage by the media. For a few days the friends, family and loved ones of Michelle Coleman (and her unborn child)  and Anthony Smith seemed to be in almost every local newspaper and on every local television.

Almost a month later and what? Now, surely, law enforcement is investigating the case and I know from personal experience that the legal process is rarely swift. Homicide cases are not neatly solved within an hour as we see on television or 90 minutes like some movie; the process is slow. Painfully slow; especially for the families of the deceased.Anthony_smith

Almost a month later, the police are working the investigation, but what are we doing as a community? Too many young people have died due to gun violence, what are we doing as a community? How do we prevent this from happening again?

How about starting with a loud, organized, unrelenting call for the restoration of the federal ban on assault weapons. Those weapons are used disproportionately in the murders of young people in our community. How many more of our children must die before we DO SOMETHING about it?


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