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Death in the City, Part 2

Signs of Hope

Out of the tragedy of the death of Michelle Coleman came the leadership of two of her friends: Keidra Miles and Trimel Bryant. They quickly called for a community gathering on ending the violence in the community and a memorial service celebrating Michelle Coleman. Unfortunately, Anthony Smith would pass away and the gathering would also mourn the loss of his life.

These young people, both in college, are signs of hope for our community. In a time when negativity garners the most publicity, it’s young people like Keidra and Trimel that should be celebrated. Our children have gone astray because of the words and images constantly before them. As adults, we seem to have thrown up our hands and given our next generation over to materialism, greed, selfishness and ignorance. When I meet young people like Keidra and Trimel, I am reminded that our future generations are blessed.

Initially, attendance for the gathering called for 6 pm, Friday, July 10 was sparse. With mainstream media out in force, surely there would be reports of apathy. But the people did come. Family, friends and strangers would join in prayer for the lives of the young ones who transitioned and for their killers. Calls for peace, love of self and love of community would be repeated but glaringly absent were elected officials, law enforcement representatives and other local community leaders and . If this epidemic is to be eradicated, all of us will be required to work together to make it happen.

Thank you Keidra and Trimel. You are a blessing to the community. Thank you for taking the lead in standing against violence.



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