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From The Children’s Trust: 2010 Census Campaign (Don’t sleep on this!)

When will the violence end in Overtown? Another shooting...more dead.

Well, it happened once again. More young lives were cut short due to gun violence in Miami's historic Overtown section. The routine begins again with the request for information from witnesses.

The police chief and political dignitaries will receive coverage by local media for a few days. Mothers will be shown in tears. Flyers will be distributed on street corners and door-to-door. Many people will attend the funerals, eulogize the victims and decry the violence in the community. Few a days and then what?

Three young men were mowed down by bullets from an assault weapon yesterday ---. in broad daylight. Two of the three young men shot yesterday have died. Now what?

What will it take for people in the community to take action against the killings in our community? How many more people must die?

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