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Word on the Street with Bunquisha Keylolo Brown

J0432989 Happy Birthday to one of the treasures of Coconut Grove, Frankie Shannon Rolle. She’s celebrating 85 wonderful years of love and appreciation by her family and friends. Meanwhile friends and family are praying for the recovery of Rosalyn Jeter Bethel who fell ill on the way to the Florida Classic game in Orlando. Love to both of these ladies.

Speaking of football, the city is abuzz with several high school football games taking place this week. Some teams season will end and others will advance in the State championship bid. By far the most anticipated game is Central vs. Northwestern at FIU South Campus on Friday night. The trash-talking is real thick and the Bulls are favored to win by two points but you never know. The Rockets are confident they will be the spoilers this time so let’s just see how this turns out.

Rumor has it that a new group of community movers and shakers has formed and they are  developing long-range and short-range plans for major, sweeping change in Miami's black community. Some folks are tired of the lack of community progress, inadequate economic development, ineffective educational system and public corruption. Hmmm….Keep your eyes and ears open for more on that!

Words of wisdom for the week: Life is too short, fragile and fleeting to waste time and energy hating someone else. Enjoy each day as if it’s your last because it very well could be.

Don't eat too much, sleep too much or spend too much. Until next time..Happy Thanksgiving!


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