Michael Baisden brings his vibe to Miami Beach for a New Year's celebration
#Yearinreview for 30 Rock’s famous posse "Grizz and Dotcom"

Is it just me or does anyone else think this could be the perfect billboard for South Florida?


I don't know the backstory to this graphic but it must be interesting. I'm going to post it on the side bar of this blog and whenever it needs to be posted as a reminder to this community. 

There has been coverage of local public corruption recently but it is likely only the tip of the iceberg. Who's really kidding who? Some folks have been caught in the web while others are likely still shaking in their boots. 

To the winner of the upcoming City of Miami Commission races for Districts 1 & 5 and to all sitting elected officials and others responsible for allocating and spending public resources, let this commandment reverberate in your conscious in the upcoming year. Forget that classic billboard with the little girl and the dog on the beach in that Coppertone suntan lotion ad.


Graphic courtesy of Don Allen


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