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Happy New Year!

#Yearinreview for 30 Rock’s famous posse "Grizz and Dotcom"

by Ollie's Daughter

Days before the end of the year, we pause to reflect on significant accomplishments of most famous posse "Grizz and Dotcom"!

Jan 22, 2009- Screen Actor’s Award (SAG)-won award for Outstanding performance by an ensemble in a comedy series.  (30 Rock) #omgFACTS


July 8, 2009- “30 Rock” syndication to start 2011 on Comedy Central  #omgFACTS 


Sept 20, 2009- Emmy Award 2009 Best Comedy Series: "30 Rock," NBC

30 Rock Cast

Oct 18, 2009 -Most famous posse Grizz and Dotcom walked for the National Kidney Foundation NYC Walk and met Dr. Mehmet Oz.  #omgFACTS


Nov 19, 2009-NBC launched the first episode  on the web. Several clips now available of the series " Livin’XL with Grizz and Dotcom". #omgFACTS 



Nov 30-Dec 4th, 2009 NBC Universal sold to Comcast. #omgFACTS


Dec 15, 2009 – Grizz Chapman and Kevin Brown guests on Dr. Oz  First order is that Grizz must work with team of experts to lose 75 lbs. #omgFACTS


Dec. 17, 2009 –nominated for Outstanding performance for ensemble in a comedy series. (30 Rock)  #omgFACTS



Dec. 18, 2009  #nowplaying ”Did you Hear about the Morgans”? Kevin Brown Dot Com aka Uptown Kevin Brown as US Marshall Henderson starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant.   #omgFACTS


Dec 26, 2009- movie trailer released for Sex in the City Part 2- release date March 25, 2010 . American Actor Kevin Brown aka 30 Rock Dotcom aka Uptown Kevin Brown is in movie.  #omgFACTS



Kevin Brown aka 30 Rock Dotcom 
Comedian and American Actor


Appearances: "Eastville Comedy Club"," Ha!, Comedy Club, New York" and the "Mystery Team". #omgFACTS

#yearinreview Grizz and Dotcom are wowed! The posse will set sights on what is to come.  Fans are cheering you on for another SAG AWARD for Outstanding Performance for ensemble in a comedy series.   Happy New Year 2010!

Facebook fan page Kevin Brown aka Dot Com
Facebook fan page Grizz Chapman aka  Grizz on 30 Rock 


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