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Open letter to City of Miami commission from "Concerned Friends of District Five" [POLL]

January 25, 2010

Dear Commissioners:

The unfortunate situation that led to the suspension of Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones has left a community in limbo and its residents without representation and severely disadvantaged.  On Tuesday the City of Miami Commission must, pursuant to the City of Miami Charter, appoint a commissioner for District Five.  It is with this in mind that we concerned friends and residents of the City write this letter to the commissioners in the hope that they swiftly and thoughtfully restore representation to District Five. We also recognize that this will be our newly formed Commission’s first major decision, and its first opportunity to set the tone for this new decade. 

Recent articles in the Miami Herald have suggested that the Commission is considering Rev. Richard P. Dunn, II as a candidate.  Patrick Range, who news reports have also rightly identified as a qualified candidate, has respectfully declined to be considered for the appointment.  We believe that, for a district of over 60,000 residents, consideration must be given to more than one willing candidate.  The discussion must be widened.  The politics of Miami can no longer be restricted to a select few.  District Five needs the Commission to cast a wider net and take this opportunity to consider the abilities and talents of other citizens who have earned due consideration—people who presently serve the City, and the residents of District Five, selflessly and with enthusiasm and unquestioned integrity. 

We therefore urge the Commission to expand its search to include, and consider:

Alison Austin

Basil A. Binns, II

Dr. Robert Malone

Pierre Rutledge

Erica Wright

These people are only a small portion of the best of District Five, but their demonstrated talents and capabilities are demanding of consideration.  Each is known to the residents of District Five and not merely the special interests who work behind closed doors to influence the governance of our beautiful City.  It is important that this new Commission continue with the refreshing leadership it has shown thus far and act in the best interest of District Five on Tuesday.  If our Commissioners do that, they will have acted in the best interest of the entire City of Miami.  We trust that our Commissioners will not disappoint us.


“The Concerned Friends of District Five – Now and Always” 

2525 SW 3rd Ave

Number 1508

Miami, Florida 33129

(305) 987-1260

Stephen Hunter Johnson

Barron Channer

Hattie Willis    

Rossetta Rolle Hylton

Gihan Perrers

Thomas F. Harrison

Alison Wiley

Noel Johnson

Neil Cox

Drew Barrett

Jason Walker

Christopher Richardson


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Rev. Dunn is the person with the second highest votes after Michelle Spence-Jones so he is the logical choice for commissioner for district 5.


District 5 is in sad shape as far as leadership goes. Malone, Torain and William are the only ones not tied to the ineffective black leadership old guard. We don't need more of the same in a new package.


Concerned Friends of District five got it wrong. Dr. Malone is the only one who is not a puppet. District 5 needs change but the voters put Michelle Spence-Jones in twice and now they need someone else to select their leader for them?

the truth hurts

The voters in District 5 like their leaders corrupt and their district underdeveloped.

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