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Judge Karen and the Anybody Can Serve Challenge

Miami Judge Karen Mills-Francis of the new tv court show "Judge Karen's Court" premiering this fall is the Celebrity spokesperson for the" 30-60-90 Day Challenge". The "30-60-90 Day Challenge" will pit low-middle income families (families that make $50,000 or less a year) from all over the country against each other in a competition to see who can conserve the most energy.


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"Anybody Can Serve is about helping people become informed and engaged in the movement towards a more affordable, energy efficient, eco-friendly society; and Anybody Can Serve is putting the tools and resources in people's hands to do so without putting a strain on their pocketbooks.

Now more than ever, Americans are paying the costs associated with our inefficient use of energy services. Whether it's frustration over our ever-increasing utility bills or concern over depleting our natural energy resources, we appreciate the affects of inefficient energy consumptions in ways unrealized by previous generations. We all recognize the importance of energy efficiency, just as we realize that time is of the essence, but oftentimes we tend to overlook the simple things that we can do at home to impact our energy consumption.

This is why Anybody Can Serve—we each play a role in reshaping our environmental future no matter our socio-economic background; and we each have the power to minimize the costs of energy inefficiency. We can change the tide and alter history by making simple changes to our daily lifestyles that will help improve the environment with the added benefit of reducing our energy bills."

Judge Karen's role is to encourage people to participate with the winner of this challenge having their electric bills paid up to 3 months. Those eligible should sign up on the website before the April 1, 2010 deadline. Please spread the word!

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