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Miami ranks #6 in Forbes poll on America’s most miserable cities

Forbes magazine recently released a listing of the 20 most miserable cities in America and Miami is #6. Here's why Miami received that ranking.

No. 6 Miami, Fla.

The weather and no personal state income tax are nice, but the city rates in the bottom 10% of areas when it comes to commute times, violent crime and corruption. Foreclosures hit 7.2% of homes in 2009, 10th worst in the U.S.

Here's how misery was measured, verbatim from the online article:

Our Misery Measure takes into account unemployment, taxes (both sales and income), commute times, violent crime and how its pro sports teams have fared over the past two years. We also factored in two indexes put together by Portland, Ore., researcher Bert Sperling that gauge weather and Superfund pollution sites. Lastly we considered corruption based on convictions of public officials in each area as tracked by the Public Integrity Section of the U.S. Department of Justice.

Like many, I'm sure you're questioning the some of the metrics used in the poll. Check the Forbes site for photos and other details.

America's 20 Most Miserable Cities

  1. Cleveland, OH
  2. Stockton, CA
  3. Memphis, TN
  4. Detroit, MI
  5. Flint, MI
  6. Miami, FL
  7. St. Louis, MO
  8. Buffalo, NY
  9. Canton, OH
  10. Chicago, IL
  11. Modesto, CA
  12. Akron, OH
  13. Kansas City, MO
  14. Rockford, IL
  15. Toledo, OH
  16. New York City, NY
  17. Sacramento, CA
  18. Youngstown, OH
  19. Gary, IN
  20. Philadelphia, PA

Photo: David Adame


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