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Resurrection, MLK and Barefoot Sunday [VIDEO]

Mlk with lbj This year, the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s assassination falls on the same day as Easter. and to commemorate it, the King family is partnering with a nonprofit called Samaritan’s Feet to deliver an Easter message unlike any before – on Barefoot Sunday.

“Every time I come around to this period of time, I miss him,” said King’s daughter, Bernice King, who like her father is a minister.

A mere child when her father was killed, Bernice King has come to understand his eloquent message of love for humanity. So it wasn’t a stretch when she heard the idea of pastors preaching in their bare feet.

“After we were introduced to the project, I had already scheduled to go through my closet,” she said.

Now, nearly 5,000 pastors will be preaching their Easter sermons shoeless — drawing attention to the estimated 300 million children around the world who don’t have shoes.

“We take these things for granted,” she said.

Why not just ask people to donate shoes or money?

“It’s the identification,” Bernice said. “It’s helping those without know there are those who identify with them.”

Dr. King talked about rising above our individual concerns – and Bernice says she believes this is a perfect fit with her father’s message.

“Our father was really focused on the issue of poverty,” she said. “Right before he was assassinated he was preparing for the Poor People’s Campaign to bring attention to the plight of the poor.”

To help in a meaningful way, people in the pews will be asked to make a $10 donation that’ll go towards buying, sorting and shipping shoes.

“The goal is to raise at least a million pair,” she said.

But that is just part one of a two-part plan. the shoes collected will be distributed in the week leading up to the King holiday and day of service next January.

“When the children come to those different church grounds their feet will be washed,” Bernice said. “It’s an act of humility and service.”

Bernice King says her father was about more than marches and rallies. she said he wanted people to serve and love each other. that will be lived out on Barefoot Sunday — on the rare occasion when the anniversary of Dr. King’s death and the resurrection celebration of Easter just happen to fall on the same day.

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For more information visit http://www.samaritansfeet.org.

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