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Mango Festival canceled

It was quite a surprise and disappointment to learn that The Mango Festival in Deerfield Beach was canceled over the weekend. The event’s promoters promise an explanation to patrons and vendors. Could that have been the last Mango Festival?


COMMENTARY from The Black Perspective: Total Community Embarrassment! A True Mango Mess!

The 25th anniversary of the Mango Festival ended on Sunday with a sad note. Everyone I spoke with described how embarrassed they were for this community, and rightfully so.

Some festival committee members have went to the extent to trash me for my comments on "The Black Perspective" blog concerning the Mango Festival. I will say this again, taxpayers money shouldn't fund any private event in Deerfield Beach. This is my opinion as a Deerfield Beach taxpayer. This is America, I'm entitled to a First Amendment right to express my grievances.

Some committee members tried to undermine the promoters from the start. A Cox Radio Executive, also told me that some city staff along with some festival committee members were behind the scene asking productions workers "have they been paid". I'm being told that spooked the workers, who then demanded to be paid in full, thus causing a domino effect for payment.

If some committee members want to place blame, they need not look far, but in the mirror. They trashed Don and Norris Wiggins from the start. How can you bring a promoter in, who uses their own money and expect to control them?

Later that night Chief Jimmy Brown, host of "Hot Talk" said he needed to wake his friend Commissioner Sylvia Poitier, up out of bed to explain what happened this weekend. Brown asked his audience if anyone can contact Poitier to call in.

Commissioner Sylvia Poitier, called in to WHQT 105 "Hot Talk" with Chief Jimmy Brown last night. Poitier and the Promoter will be on Hot Talk next Sunday at 11PM.(WHQT Hot 105 FM) Poitier, continually interrupted the talk show host Jimmy Brown, who told her to let him get a word in. Commissioner Poitier told" Hot Talk" that a press release will be released on Tuesday. Poitier said there was a problem with the money, and that's why the festival was canceled. Hot Talk host Chief Jimmy Brown tried his best to get Deerfield Beach callers, to call in and give their opinion on the Mango Festival. The show's late 11PM start didn't produce but one caller, who was very angry with the promoters ( he accused them of being scam artists) The promoter was very upset last night. Poitier, along with the promoter, promised to be on the show next week, to give a full explanation of what transpired this weekend.

Poitier told Hot Talk, that residents are blaming her for this Mango mess, and she is not to blame. Stay tuned for this debacle. It will only get worse, only in Deerfield Beach/Weirdfield Beach, will you get this seemingly never ending drama that continues to give our good city a black eye.

The Black Perspective


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