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Political Notes from the Miami New Times

Luke's Gospel Local rapper, businessman, coach, etc. Luther Campbell opines in his blog Luke’s Gospel at the Miami New Times that suspended City of Miami commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones is innocent and (I’m paraphrasing) there was a huge conspiracy to get her out of the way so now commission chair Marc Sarnoff can have his way with the allocation of City of Miami finances.

Since former County Commission chair and Spence-Jones mentor, Barbara Carey-Shuler basically changed her testimony and said she authorized the transfer of funds from two community groups to Michelle Spence-Jones’ family business, tongues are wagging as to who is really guilty and of what.

No matter how you slice it, State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle and her staff, especially Atty. Frank Scruggs, are taking a beating in the court of public opinion. There’s still more to deal with as far as MSJ is concerned but let’s just wait and how this plays out. Anyhoo, there are lots of unanswered questions and plenty of opinions to go around. Wyclef

Haitian superstar Wyclef Jean may run for president of Haiti. It has been reported that he has not decided if he will run but has definitely filed the required paperwork.  Jean is Haiti’s best known advocate and anything is possible. Stay tuned.


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