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It seems that a once amicable relationship between Mayor Tomas Regalado and Chief Miguel Exposito has soured. Their beef has gone public and it's not good for Miami. Among other things, the two are at odds about allegations of interference of the Mayor by the Chief and performance complaints of the Chief because of the number of police involved shootings without disclosure of investigations findings.

Chief Exposito put his concerns of interference by Mayor Regalado in writing and that touched off the involvement of other law enforcement agencies. Not good. In the end, everyone involved has assumed their anticipated positions with the black community angry about the shootings; Chief Exposito and the police Union supporting the police officers and Mayor Regalado distancing himself from Chief Exposito whom he supported just a year ago.

Enter newly appointed city manager and former Regalado Chief of Staff, Tony Crapp, who will likely be the person held responsible for firing the Chief or developing the Chief's exit strategy. Even if that happens, The Miami Herald's published details from Exposito on Regalado's interference in illegal gambling investigations will taint the Mayor's image and that of the City also. Can't we all just get along?

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