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Take back our public schools and protect your child's future!

If you have been paying attention to politics in Florida under the leadership of Governor Rick Scott and the GOP-controlled Legislature, let me assure you that you are not living in a horrifying episode of the Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits, this madness is for real.

While the folks in the Florida Legislature continue to turn back the clock and strip us of our rights while blatantly destroying public education and preparing to hand over the business of Florida to their friends, we must send the message that enough is enough. Let’s join in the UTD sponsored WALK-IN tomorrow, March 31, 2011, 4PM-6PM at your closest public school.


I will visit Miami Central High School and Van E. Blanton Elementary School starting at 5PM. Send photos and video  of your school’s Walk-In to [email protected]. Let’s take back public education and send a clear message to the folks that don't represent us in the Florida Legislature.




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